At the end of the analysis we will get different results which characterize the sperm.

Those have been explained shortly in the previous how it works section and will be more deeply analysed below.

Moreover, understanding the data estimated and displayed on the Seminal Quality System’s screen is essential for the simplification and optimization of the Artificial Insemination process and help us to get better results in the fertilization process. Because of this fact, we explain the information obtained with the SQS below.


Spermatozoa Flourescence graphic results


Spermatozoa images

Numerical SQS Screen Results


Analysis Report

  Abnormal Forms


Firstly, these ones can be classified by morphology or membrane state:

Morphology: Spermatozoa can experiment alterations that decrease its fertilizing capacity. Thus, the device recognizes abnormal forms such as cytoplasmic droplets and coiled tails.

Membrane: If the membrane is damaged the sperm will not be useful. Consequently, the Seminal Quality System determinates the membrane state by fluorescence microscopy.

Flourescence Spermatozoa Morphology results


Red head

Damaged membrane. Dead spermatozoa

Green head

Intact membrane. Live spermatozoa

Two colors (with red areas)
Partially damaged membrane. Dead spermatozoa


SQS differentiates three types of abnormalities:

Distal droplets, proximal droplets & coiled tails


Secondly, the SQS displays on its screen the following data:

Analysis Report: Necessary information to calculate the ejaculate quality by these parameters:

  1. Concentration (M/mL)
  2. Total Spermatozoa (M)
  3. Viability (%)
  4. Useful Spermatozoa (M/mL)
  5. Doses
  6. Extender Volume (mL)

Abnormal Forms: Contains the percentage of abnormal forms found in the sample and that need to be considered to estimate the viability and to reach the most precise results. Moreover, the displayed results have already been subtracted from the total viable sperm count considering the 100% value of Proximal Droplets and Coiled Tails and the 50% of Distal Droplets.

Seminal Quality System Analysis results on screen

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