SEPOR 2016

Nov 13, 2016 | Evento, Feria, Trade fair | 0 Comentarios

SEPOR 2016 Poster

The second week of November we had the chance of attending the SEPOR 2016 trade fair in Lorca which is one of the most important and ancient trade fairs inside the Iberian Peninsula.

SEPOR was developed by farmers and professionals related to this field forty-nine years ago having as purpose the exchange of information along with the optimization of the process. Because of that, farmers and experts in animal health, nutrition, biodiversity, pathologies and technological advances can be in touch with each other’s nowadays.

ZoitechLab was able to participate in this exchange of information and the Seminal Quality System’s benefits were shared with the visitors of the trade fair in addition to showing them how the device works.
SQS Team in SEPOR 2016
ZoitechLab team with the SQS in SEPOR 2016
Having the chance of knowing such amount of people was fantastic plus sharing information and experiences with them.

Being part of this event was a greatly rewarding opportunity and we are looking forward to the next one.