XIV Swine Production Congress

Aug 31, 2018 | Conferences, Events | 0 comments

Swine Artificial Insemination China 2018 poster

The XIV Swine Production Congress, which ended yesterday, was held between August 28-30 in Córdoba, Argentina.

The event was born in 1982 and is organized by the National University of Río Cuarto with the colaboration of the UBA’s (University of Buenos Aires) Faculty of Veterinaty Science and the INTA (National Institute of Agropecuary Technology).

The programme included scientific-technical conferences about economy, environmental science, reproduction, health, facilities management and handling. 

One of our most acclaimed experts attended to the congress. There, he explained and showed how ZoitechLab’s flagship product works (the Seminal Quality System or SQS) sharing his experiences of working with the SQS and the multiple ways in which it can benefit professionals in the pig production sector.

The attendants were able to sit down and chat up with our expert who, moreover, answered any query related to seminal analysis quality and artificial insemination. 


Swine Artificial Insemination China 2018 explaining the SQS

We had a great time meeting every single one of you in the XIV Swine Production Congress, sharing experiences and learning from each others. As you know, you can always contact us for futher information. Our professionals’ team is  always willing to help you in any query related to animal reproduction.

We will hopefully see you again very soon!