III Technical Conference TOP GAN Porcine

Jul 17, 2018 | Conferences, Events | 0 comments

Swine Artificial Insemination China 2018 poster

The third Technical Conference TOP GAN Porcine was held the last June 21st. It took place in Segovia under the title of “The porcine sector of white layer: projections”. 

The event reunited 200 attendants which could know at first-hand the situation of the internal and external markets, emphasizing the importance of commerce’s evolution in China, as well as the keys of success in pork production. 

Due to our knowledge and experience in these issues ZoitechLab participated in TOP GAN. Our General Director, Pedro García Casado, presented a seminar entitled “Analysis and situation of the Chinese pig market”, which can be consulted below thanks to a video courtesy of the event’s organizers (Spanish audio). 

Through the seminar the Chinese’s market situation was by means of data based in the one obtained by the Professor Sun Delin, in May 2018, and elaborated from data bases from more than 1,000 different points. With this in mind, we highlight the following: the pig’s market is in losses, the pig census has declined while the meat consumption per person as increased, there is a deficit of cereal productions and a great dependence of meat importion and the population census is in continuous growth so this demand is expected to continue growing. 


Swine Artificial Insemination China 2018 explaining the SQS