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Seminal Quality System in FATTY PIG 2017

The 4th Fatty Pig Science & Utilization International Conference was held during November 22-25, 2017. The conference took place in Badajoz, Spain.

The global demand for local fatty-pig products is increasing, however, the sustainability and resilience of their production systems is decreasing. Regarding the above matter this Congress encourages the exchange of knowledge and expertise between professionals in pig production to optimize fatty-pig production systems leading to more profitable, healthier and environmentally and economically sustainable products.

As the Seminal Quality System (SQS) is a great tool for the optimization of the animal production process it was presented in this congress. This fact was greatly appreciated by many pig production professionals.

ZoitechLab’s team of professionals worked with every single person interested in the optimization of the fertilization process and showed them how the SQS could make their life easier and their results better.


Fatty Pig 2017 Zoitechlabs experts explaining the SQS
Seminal Quality System displayed in Fatty Pig 2017
As we always put the client first we collected their reactions and experiences with our device and we will use this information in future optimizations. 

Overall, the 4th Fatty Pig Science & Utilization International Conference was a greatly made event and we cannot wait until the next one.