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OPORPA poster 2017

By the end of October, the sixth National Congress of Pig Producers or OPORPA, in Spanish “El sexto Congreso Nacional de Productores Porcícolas”, was held. The event took place in Mexico.

Basicalle, OPORPA promotes the exchange of information and experiences between farmers and pig production experts.

The former interactions have as main objective increasing the productivity of the members inside the affiliation that organizes the event.


As an innovative and useful tool for increasing the pig fertilization productivity the Seminal Quality System was presented by an experts’ team of ZoitechLab.

They showed the device’s performance to the attendants and shared former experiences in pig reproduction with farmers and professionals’ in this field.

Each person interested in running the SQS had the chance to do it, with one of our helpers assistance, getting to experience how the device could help them.

OPORPA with the Seminal Quality Sytem 2017

Apart from learning about others experience and knowledge in this area, our team got feedback from those who tried the device.  Additionally, we will use this information, along with the one our clients communicate us, in future optimizations of the machine.

Finally, we cannot forget to thank to the event organizers for the fantastic organization and development of OPORPA 2017.