Seminal Quality System


Seminal Quality System


Seminal Quality System

The Seminal Quality System or SQS is an advanced system for automated sperm analysis in boar semen doses production which simplifies and optimizes the decision making process in Artificial Insemination (AI).

The system is based on cell counting since it carries a spermatozoa counter and uses a double staining method that allows to differentiate living and dead sperm cells after performing the sperm analysis. Basically, the device uses fluorescence microscopy with high resolution CMOS camera technology, light-emitting diode and an advanced image analysis system with new autofocus technology.

Therefore, the SQS analyzes seminal samples obtaining the quantity of spermatozoa available in each sample and its usefullness in the posterior insemination process. Moreover, all this information and much more can be found on the text report that will be displayed in the device’s screen at the end of the sperm analysis.


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